2018 Year in Review and Central Victoria Drone Showreel

As promised, I wanted to share with you my 1 year review flying drones commercially with Bendigo Aerial. It has been an incredible journey; learning, working and expanding the business. I never thought a hobby and a passion for technology would lead me into this industry. Having the privilege to work with some of Australia’s leading businesses, creating both aerial imagery and online social content, has been amazing.

Bendigo Aerial’s initial ReOC (Remote Operator Certificate) was renewed in December 2018 by CASA for a further 3 years. This now offers us more flexibility to service clients wanting long term contracts, plus it allows us to expand our reach into the drone/RPA industry.

6 months ago I wrote a 6 month review for the business. Having this gave me something I could not only reflect back on, but also a tool for measuring the business’ milestones, achievements and goals. If you have not read the 6 month commercial drone pilot review, you can do so from my personal blog.

Review of Bendigo Aerial, Commercial Drone Operations

Hard work always pays off. Starting, growing and running a business is definitely hard work. I quickly learnt this lesson when Bendigo Aerial’s customer base grew, having received multiple jobs from all over the state and the world. Having flown in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, New Zealand and all throughout Victoria, Australia it has certainly been an exciting ride.

1 Year - Bendigo Aerial Milestones

  • 19 X Full Video Productions (Over 912,000 Views across Social Media)
  • Photographed 39 X Real Estate Properties
  • Mapped 14 X Farms, 15 X Investment and Commercial Land
  • Published a Central Victoria Drone Video - 2018 Edition
  • Employed a total of 2 X RePL Qualified Drone Pilots
  • Signed 5 contracts for regular drone services and video editing
  • Created content for TV, Social Media, Lifestyle Programs and Commercials
  • Started construction progress photos for 3 companies
  • 4 X Photos and 2 X Videos featured on influential websites. (Visit Melbourne and See Australia channels = 210K impressions)

Bendigo Aerial Stats for Nerds, January 2018 to December 2018

  • Flew over 325KM in 1 year
  • 240 Battery Cycles/Swaps
  • Captured 18,000 HD Images, 32 Hours of 4K Video, 31 Hyperlapse and 130 Panoramas
  • Mapped over 400 Hectares/Farm Land 2D
  • Uploaded 7.2TB of digital content to online services
  • 112 Photos featured by Instagram and Social Followers
  • Grew Instagram network to over 2K followers, 3K Facebook followers
  • Website analytic traffic grew to average 2000 hits per month
  • Social media engagement and marketing cost = $0.00

New Bendigo Aerial Commercial

Bendigo Aerial Publications

Over the year we have published two articles for recreational drone users. This included:

Both articles spread throughout the internet having had over 10K views/reads. I hope to add more articles into our publication in 2019.

2018 Bendigo Aerial Drone Show Reel

For the 2018 drone compilation video, we premiered the video in several countries. USA, UK, Hong Kong, Bali and Singapore to name a few. The final 9 minute video contains over 70 clips from our customers, projects and aerials we shot throughout Central Victoria. The video was in production for over 2 months and contains only a small fraction of the locations flown throughout Central Victoria. (You may be wondering why Albert Park – Melbourne is in this compilation? Because this was taken on New Year’s Eve, a fitting end to 2018 and the footage looks amazing!)

We are also releasing a photo compilation in a few weeks of some of the best aerial photos taken from our drones in 2018. We hope you enjoy this clip and share with your family and friends.

Direct Links to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram IGTV


I’d like to thank all our customers who took a chance with us and supported us throughout 2018. Without your business and continued support, we wouldn’t be able to offer these services. A big thank you to everyone who followed, liked, shared and commented on our content across all social media channels. Without your comments/feedback we would not be where we are today, so we appreciate you smashing that like button for us.

As the RPA industry grows, 2019 is going to be an interesting year. From managing new CASA updates, continual advancement of drone technology together with new drone applications for businesses, we hope to continue to assist our customers in providing the best service. We hope to be part of this industry for some time and intend to continue to help it grow for the future. As usual, if you have any questions or comments please get in contact with us through the website.

Thanks and Safe Flying!

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