Drone Adventure by Bendigo Aerial

Flying drones can be exciting and a lot of fun, and even young kids can do it – as long as they know the fundamental drone safety rules, like keeping away from cars, roads, airports, and people, or not flying at night. That’s why one dad decides to teach drone safety to his children, and the great drone adventure begins!

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Fun Children's Rhyming Book about Flying Drones Safely.

Drone Adventure Book - Cover

Perfect book for:

  • Recommended for kids aged 5 to 12
  • Young kids who love to fly drones
  • Kids interested in new emerging technology
  • Ideal for a bed time story, the classroom or library
  • A gift to a young kid who is interested in drones
  • Families who love to fly drones as a family activity
  • Parents who own drones and want to teach their kids drone rules
"Drone Adventure" is a simple but effective book to help kids understand basic drone safety rules.

Written and published by Bendigo Aerial, a commercial drone operator on a mission to share their passion with young kids, this fun and educational rhyming book for children is suitable both for parents to read with their kids, and for schools and teachers to offer something new and different to their students while teaching them about upcoming technologies. Easy to read and understand, and plenty of images included!

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    The book can be purchased from Amazon and all good bookstores. The recommended retail price is under $15.00 AUD. * This can vary depending on the country of purchase, taxes, availability and printing.

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    ISBN: 9780645191905

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    The book is available free on Kindle Unlimited.

    You can also purchase a Kindle copy for $5.00 AUD. Direct Amazon Link Australia. Search "Drone Adventure" on all international Amazon Stores.

    ASIN: B097268V7R ISBN: 9780645191912

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    The recommended retail price is $5.00 AUD. The price can vary slightly depending on your location and taxes.

    ISBN: 9780645191929

Book Covers and Sample Inner Image

Have you listened to the Drone Safety Song for Kids? Listen free on all streaming services.

Features of the Book

  • Easy to read rhyming children's book
  • Easy to understand safety rules
  • Introduces young kids to drone regulations
  • Beautiful hand drawn colour illustrations
  • Word search puzzle to help with keywords
  • Little surprise on each illustrated page
  • Drone colouring page

Book Information

  • Title: Drone Adventure
  • Writer: Chris Mather (Author)
  • Published By: Bendigo Aerial
  • ISBN Paperback: 9780645191905
  • ISBN eBook: 9780645191912
  • ISBN Audio: 9780645191929
  • Released: 2021 June

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Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems AAUS - Education and Safety Award Finalist 2022Australian Aviation Awards - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Professional of the Year

Drone safety rules and regulations vary from country to country. Please check with your local civil aviation authority for current safety rules. Always fly responsibly with a grown-up, parent or guardian.

Amazon Customer Book Reviews

  • An easy and clear instructional book about flying drones. It's a great book to give to your child to learn all about flying drones and what to be aware of.
    Amazon Customer Review
  • In this modern world, I couldn't find any books about things other than fairytales and princesses. When I saw Drone Adventures I eagerly downloaded and I am very happy to say that it's a great children's book for modern times!
    Amazon Customer Review