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"Visual marketing does not just sell a product or service - it sells an experience around your business." - Rebekah Radice

Social Media at Bendigo Aerial

Drone content is shaping the future. Social media has played an important role in promoting Bendigo Aerial’s business. Our worldwide success is due to our followers, the customers who share our content and interact with our social profiles daily. Follow the official social links below to view our portfolios.

"The key to engaging content? Think bigger, bolder and braver." - Ann Handley


With 3000+ followers and 18K+ page views, we deliver content to 18 countries and answer hundreds of direct messages.


Follow the Chief Remote Pilot along with 3000+ followers. Drone Stories, Instagram TV and weekly content. Over 2000+ profile views per week.


Watch all our public aerial videos. Follow Chief Remote Pilot and Bendigo Aerial. Live sessions, Q&A and VLOG videos uploaded monthly.

Increase Your Social Visibility with Aerial Technology

Are you currently using drone footage for social media? Drones enhance the online video experience. Thanks to all our followers for the shares, likes, love and views.

Social Spread in 2022

484,000+ Video Views
8500+ Followers
4060+ Shares Across Platforms
502 Online Contacts

Photo Galleries - Buy Drone Photos

Bendigo Aerial uploads terabytes of data to the Internet. Some of our award-winning and best drone photos can be found on our official photo upload sites. See links below to view the gallery.

Download Photos Directly from BendigoAerial.NET (Stock Photos).
All prints are priced at AUD $49.95 (inc GST).

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