Hire Local Drone Operators

Our local Bendigo Aerial team consists of highly skilled professionals with a speciality in aerial photography, drone aerial video and real estate photography. Even though Bendigo Aerial services is a relatively new part of CMather Web Development, the team has years of experience with several of us being drone hobby enthusiasts. When our clients asked us to provide a commercial drone service we were happy to oblige. We are proud to now offer our UAV services to our clients as a part of a fully integrated service, delivering even more powerful content with professional low-level aerial photography and video using commercial drones.

Bendigo Aerial Team

Bendigo Aerial holds a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC) and all our pilots hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL).

Lake Eppalock

Discover the Possibilities in Aerial Photography

Through our services, you will have access to a library of images that were previously impossible to acquire at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of shots, ranging from dynamic fly pasts to photos taken with a bird's eye view directly overhead.

Aerial Photography

Get a bird's eye view of your property, event or landscape. Ideal for Real Estate, Commercial, Tourism and Social Media Content. Professional processed and delivered in multiple formats.

Aerial Video

Stunning aerial cinematography in 4K, colour corrected and ready for movies. Ideal for Commercials, Social Media Creation and Promotions. Full post processing.

Commercial Services

We provide drone mapping, construction progress photos, aerial inspections and land survery services throughout Australia and Asia Pacific. Check out our Commercial Services information page.

Drone Aerial Services

  • Real Estate Photography, Planning and Development
  • Corporate Videos for Product Launches and Advertising
  • Social Media, Engagement and Website Promotion
  • Indoor and Commercial Property Photography
  • Events and Sports Aerial Filming
  • Panoramas and 360 Aerial Photos
  • Aerial Photography for Tourism, Travel and Hotels
  • Scene Management, Public Safety and Digital Evidence
  • Emergency Services Police, Fire, Search and Rescue
  • 2D Mapping, Asset Inspection and Construction Progress
  • Safety, Training and Development Programs
  • Professional Post Photo and Video Editing
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CASA Certified Remote Pilots

  • Remote Pilot Licence #RePL
  • Remote Operator Certificate #ReOC
  • Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate #AROC
  • Exemplar Global ISO Quality Auditors #ISO
  • Qualified Project Managers #PMI
Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Certified UAV Operator ACUO

Safety and Risk Management

Fully Insured

Insured Worldwide. We have a worldwide $20 million public liability insurance policy to ensure that we are fully covered. This includes all certified pilots and aerial drone equipment.

JSA and Risk Assessment

We never compromise with the safety and security of the crew, observers or the general public. Therefore, we perform a comprehensive risk assessment and (JSA) Job Safety Assessment prior to all jobs.

Quality and Maintenance

Bendigo Aerial understands the value of quality. Through our investments, our equipment is both modern and of the highest standard. Safety is a top priority of our operation and we carefully service and maintain all our aerial platforms.

Our Drone Aerial Fleet (UAV)

Inspire 1 PRO by DJI
DJI Global

For professional aerial filming, dual operations and multiple lens options. Speeds of up to 80kph

Phantom P4P by DJI
DJI Global

All rounder. Versatile, powerful and equipped with a 20-Megapixel camera. Speeds of up to 70kph

Mavic Pro by DJI
DJI Global

Popular drone for small jobs. Lightweight, portable and powerful. Speeds of up to 65kph

UAV Aerial Experience

With over 10 years of experience in flying aerial drones and photography, we understand your needs. We have worked with several international clients, from Australia, Fiji, Thailand and Malaysia and covered a vast range of projects relating to real estate, automobile, maritime, sports and tourism.

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