Castlemaine Drone Operators

Bendigo Aerial offers drone services throughout the Central Victoria region, including Castlemaine. Our regional drone service uses state of the art technology. We capture imagery and video for various services and applications.

Today real estate agents no longer use the photography approach to advertise their properties, as this has become outdated, unpolished and inefficient. Companies like this need fast and reliable methods to acquire modern, up to date images, to showcase their properties to be ahead of the competition. That’s where drone photography is considered the best method to capture these pictures. It produces remarkable panoramic photos that bring out the best in the properties.

Our Castlemaine drone pilots are highly experienced, helping collect beautiful and professional footage in a safe and efficient method, overall reducing costs for our customers.

Why Choose Bendigo Aerial in Castlemaine?

  • Dedicated to safety. Being professionals with a speciality in aerial photography, all operators hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and (ReOC) Remote Operator Certificate, certified by CASA
  • Qualified and practised pilots with vast experience in drone flying. Pilots and drone services within Castlemaine are fully insured by Bendigo Aerial
  • We can also train you and your staff in Castlemaine on best practices, resulting in getting the job done smoothly, quickly and perfect every time
  • Bendigo Aerial pays close attention to the developments in drone technology, ensuring it continues to be up to date with constantly changing technology
  • We make accessing the services easy, by providing readily available customer service, support and online systems 24/7

Learn More About Bendigo Aerial in Castlemaine

We take pride in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. Read more about Bendigo Aerial’s experience and how we got started within the drone industry.

We list our popular aerial packages and prices on our website. If you need more information or to request a quote please contact us.

So for your next aerial project in Castlemaine, think of Bendigo Aerial for a quote. Our drones are used for several purposes including but not limited to infrastructure inspection, real estate, aerial photography, aerial mapping, surveying and vineyard management.