COVID19 Response Safety from Bendigo Aerial

COVID-19 Response and Authorisations

For Safer Flights, Social Distancing and a Changing Environment

COVID-19 Response and Authorisations

We have been closely monitoring the changes with COVID-19 as well as following state, federal and industry recommendations and guidelines. While this is a changing environment we will endeavour to update with current relevant information related to our operations.

Bendigo Aerial provides the following aerial services: Aerial photography, Aerial Video, Mapping, Survey, Inspection works, Construction progress, Emergency services, video production and editing. We are employed by private and government agencies to work as contractors to provide analytical and data capturing services.

Our Response to Social Distancing

  • Only one drone operator/pilot per job.
  • All social distancing rules apply.
  • Authorised provider and authorised worker permits
  • When a spotter is required, the spotter will be further than 10 meters from the pilot.
  • Observers and third party personnel must be further than 15 meters as per CASA regulations.
  • Drone pilots must wear blue safety vests and carry aviation radios at all times.
  • Scan drone pilot’s ID card with a phone to validate the identity, company details and authorisations.
  • All pilots trained and hold a valid certificate in COVID-19 handling and infection control.
  • All pilots and crew double vaccinated.
  • Engagement with Law Enforcement: Work must be pre-approved by Chief Remote Pilot and officers must provide identification for CASA and Australian Air Services reporting.
  • When the drone is flown over a hazardous area or location of containment, the drone and equipment must be sanitised as per normal operating procedures.

Operational Update from May 2023

Victoria / Central Victoria: It’s business as usual for us in Regional Victoria. All current projects are on track – no delays. If you have a specific question about your project, please contact us or log in to your customer portal.

Customers Outside of Victoria: Rest of Australia, it’s business as usual. Some delays in travel plans within New South Wales.

International Customers: It’s business as usual. No delays are expected from us.

We operate services that operate solely outdoors where physical distancing can be maintained at all times.

** Advice taken from the following sources: Business.GOV, Fair Trade Australia, Work Cover Australia, CASA, Australian Air Services, ACUO Member Group and Department of Health.