Drone Safety Song for Kids

Did you know our brains hold information longer when it’s sung in a melody? Songs are a fun way to learn new information. As more preschool and young kids get involved with technology and drones, this song will help them remember the fundamental rules about drone safety. I hope your kids find this song fun and educational while teaching them simple drone rules and safety. Please listen and share with your family and friends.

NEW 2022: To increase our commitment to accessibility, education and inclusion we have added American Sign Language Version – (ASL)

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Fun and Educational Children’s Song to Teach Preschool and Primary Kids about Drone Safety Rules.

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Why a Children’s Song?

I’m no expert in songwriting or even good at performing karaoke. I wrote this song to introduce basic drone rules in a catchy and fun tune so young kids can learn drone safety. As more junior pilots get into the sky, learning simple rules helps to form a solid foundation for their future flights in the sky. Listen free on all streaming services worldwide.

The new children’s book is out now – Drone Adventure.

Music Information

  • Title: Drone Safety Song for Kids
  • Writer: Chris Mather
  • Produced and Sung: Ray Amir
  • Video Production: Bendigo Aerial
  • Graphics: Bendigo Aerial
  • Published By: Bendigo Aerial and CD Baby
  • Performing Rights AUS: APRA AMCOS
  • Performing Rights USA: BMI
  • UPC/EAN: 198000032104
  • Song Released: May 2021
  • Copyrighted: © ℗ All Countries
  • Soon to be available in 5 languages.

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NEW: American Sign Language Version – (ASL)

The song contains subtitles / closed captions for the following languages
French, Japanese, Hindi, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin), Spanish (Spain) and Italian.

AAUS Education and Safety Finalist
Australian Aviation Awards Finalist - Remote Pilot

Drone safety rules and regulations vary from country to country. Please check with your local civil aviation authority for current safety rules. Always fly responsibly with a grown-up, parent or guardian.