Echuca and Moama Drone Operators

Explore Bendigo Aerial services across Central Victoria, including Echuca and Moama, effectively utilising state-of-the-art drone technology to capture stunning imagery and videos in the picturesque Goulburn-Murray Waters region.

With the introduction of drones in real estate photography, the modern realtor needs to stay ahead of the competition, using current, polished and efficient methods of capturing their customer’s real estate properties. Proven photography and editing skills are now necessary to capture modern professional images, showcasing a property in a manner that stands out from others.

Clients from Echuca and Moama can now use Bendigo Aerial RPA’s (Drones) to capture stunning aerial images in a way which ensures safety and efficiency, whilst reducing operating costs.

Why Pick Bendigo Aerial in Echuca or Moama?

  • We can capture the beautiful Murray River / Campaspe River and surrounding areas of the Goulburn-Murray Waters region
  • Bendigo Aerial is dedicated to safety. Only employing experienced staff, all holding a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL), with certification by CASA and with full public liability insurance
  • All pilots are well-seasoned, qualified and practised. With vast experience in their area of expertise and always available to assist the consumer in getting the job done in a quick but safe manner
  • Want to fly your own drones? Bendigo Aerial can assist and train your staff in Echuca, Moama and surrounding areas. We can train you on rules and regulations as well as getting the job done safely and on budget
  • We guarantee all work is completed smoothly and quickly every time using our proven technology platforms and flying experience at Bendigo Aerial
  • With developments in technology changing rapidly, we pay close attention to changes, continuing to remain at the forefront of any change in technology or RPA laws
  • We have a great customer service team available at any time, making our UAV services readily available to you and your team

Want to Learn More About Bendigo Aerial in Echuca?

Check out our blog page on how Bendigo Aerial started in the unmanned aerial business. With customers all over the world, we strive to provide an affordable and quality product that exceeds customers’ expectations.

Visit the UAV pricing page to check out our current pricing of drone aerial photography. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote or for a chat about remotely piloted aircraft. (RPA).

Looking to hire a drone operator in Echuca or Moama? Think of Bendigo Aerial for a quote. We use drones for various applications including aerial mapping, real estate photography, videography, cinematography, TV and infrastructure.