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"Being able to capture that specific moment is what defines art and creativity"

Why Start a Drone Business?

The business and commercial side of drone filming came from social media requests. I always had an interest in drone technology from the software to the different drone platforms used for flying. I was a hobby /amateur drone pilot for the past 3 years.

Through social media, I grew a large group of followers who followed me on my many adventures from hiking trips, mountain biking, fishing trips and various locations I travelled to. I started a personal blog to keep track of my activities which also got popular very quickly.

Through the blog and social media sites, I started receiving requests weekly for private events, real estate photography and filming for tourism. Working commercially with drones is only permitted with the right certifications and approvals from CASA. So I decided to go down the RePL/ReOC Certification path and offer my hobby as a business throughout Australia.

As an adventurer and a passionate artist, I'm equally spurred by the thrill and excitement of capturing new sights and perspectives as well as being able to share my works of art with other people.

Regardless of what I'm currently shooting – landscape or architecture, street or aerial – being able to capture that specific moment is what defines my art and creativity. - Bendigo Aerial

From Quoting to Completion We Offer a Professional Drone Service

Drone Benefits

Get a unique perspective of the land from 400ft above ground level. We capture images and video that not only show the different angles but also bring out the true colours and beautiful contrasts of the area.


With our advanced drone fleet and CASA certified pilots, we can offer competitive priced aerial footage. We promise to give you a unique visual experience that was once reserved for high budget productions.

CASA Certified Drone Pilots

We don't just have the technical tools and skill set, we are also highly experienced drone pilots. Our team of expert aerial drone pilots specialise in capturing close proximity aerial video footage.

Chris Mather
Chief Remote Pilot

ReOC Holder and RePL Certification. Covering Central Victoria. Project Management, Quality Management Systems and Information Security Management Systems Auditor.

David Barton
RePL Certification

David specialises in aerial imagery for Agriculture (NIR, NDVI). David covers South and West Gippsland and provides aerial and ground imagery for varied businesses and organisations.

Melissa Ricards
RePL Certification

Melissa specialises in drone aerial cinematography and production. Experienced in flying the Inspire, Melissa looks after project management for our International clients.