This video covers how we minted our children’s song as a music NFT on Opensea! In this video, I’ll be showing you my settings and process for uploading my children’s song, “Drone Safety Song for Kids,” as a minted NFT on the Ethereum network.

The song is popular on Spotify, Youtube and other online streaming services with over 100K listens in the past year. Yes, the song can be listened to for free. However, we wanted to offer a limited edition of 100 copies as a minted NFT on the blockchain. The music was digitally remastered for the NFT.

3 Specific Sections in the Video

  • My collection settings for the NFT
  • How I added my music NFT to that collection
  • How I added it to be sold on the marketplace itself.

I won’t be going over how to connect your wallet or ledger to Opensea, as there are already plenty of resources for that online. I use the Ledger Hardware Wallet for storing and transacting on the blockchain.

Tips before starting to add your Music NFT on Opensea

Make sure you have all your information and images ready, as well as any text for your copy, titles, and SEO keyword optimisation. This will make it so much easier to copy and paste into the required fields.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for anyone looking to mint and sell their music NFT on Opensea. This was a great project to work on, and I’m grateful for the knowledge I gained from understanding the blockchain, NFT and Opensea systems.

We’re not planning to make millions of dollars or profit from the minting of NFTs. Any profit or sales made will be reinvested into purchasing “Drone Adventure” children’s books so they can be supplied free to kindergartens and primary schools.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or suggestions.

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