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Aerial Stock Photos

Ideal for social media, real estate, commercial, government and editorial use

"High Resolution - Instant Download - Secure Cloud Network"

Download Central Victoria Aerial Stock Photos

We take thousands of aerial stock photos from all over Victoria while travelling and working as a commercial drone pilot. We fill over 2TB's of online storage every 6 months. Photos are generally used for social media and then stored on hard disks in the cloud. We get a lot of enquiries from Instagram and Facebook regarding purchasing and downloading photos. We've been thinking about the best ways to handle these requests while helping the community at the same time.

Stock Photo Websites and Galleries

Many of the photos we take can be found on stock photo websites. How the stock photo sites work is they charge a fee or subscription to users who download the photos for personal or commercial use. The owner of the photo (Bendigo Aerial) gets around 5% to 10% and the website 90%. Which works out to be around $1.00 per download. Yes – small commissions, but extra money for unused photos. The winner from this deal is the stock photo websites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and 500px.

BendigoAerial.NET Stock Photos

Introducing the new website, BendigAerial.NET. Cheaper than the above stock photos sites, all downloads are capped at $20.00 AUD (inc GST) per photo. Download your favourite photos instantly. Pick the photo you like, pay and download the original full resolution photo. The photos can be used for personal and commercial use with no watermark or logos. (See commercial use licence below - it's very flexible).

Vist BendigoAerial.NET Stock Photos

Download Aerial Landscape Photos - High Resolution

The photos from BendigoAerial.NET can be used on canvas, printed, used in magazines, billboards, websites, social media, marketing and more. We can even provide further edits on any photo for a small fee. New photos and locations are added weekly.

50% to Charity and Volunteer Organisations

We've been pondering better ways to give back to the community, charity and non-profit organisations. We already volunteer and support non-profit organisations on a weekly basis. 50% of all sales from BendigoAerial.NET will be sent to local charities or non-profit organisations at the end of 2019.

Commercial Licence Agreement - What You Can and Can't Do

Flexible digital licensing for stock photography. Download the digital license agreement from Bendigo Aerial for both personal and commercial use. This document explains what you can and can't do with the photos. If you require something outside of this agreement, please contact us.