Drone applications have revolutionised small businesses and industries. Offering possibilities for commercial drone operators and drone businesses to generate revenue. Here are the top 5 drone applications that can help drone pilots and businesses thrive in the commercial sector. All these drone applications provide benefits that go beyond capturing stunning aerial imagery and video.

Top 5 Profitable Drone Applications for Commercial Drone Businesses – Watch YouTube
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Top 5 Drone Applications for Drone Operators

Drone Inspections

Drone inspections have become an invaluable tool for commercial operations. They enable close visual inspections of properties, assets, and even areas such as national parks and coastlines. By utilising drones, commercial operators can conduct safer inspections at heights, avoiding the risks associated with traditional methods like abseiling. Drones provide powerful aerial imagery and video, making it easier to assess structures such as chimneys, wind turbines and old factories. Additionally, we have used drones for insurance claims, flood assessments, and inspections of rural properties.

Monitoring and Management of Assets

Drones play a role in monitoring and managing various daily business operations. Whether it’s overseeing large-scale parklands or small farms, drones provide valuable data for day-to-day activities. For instance, farmers can use drones to monitor crop health, watering schedules, and spraying activities. The aerial information provided by drones enables informed decision-making and quicker actions. Drones support environmental initiatives by monitoring waste management, fish populations and even tree counting and planting in forests.

Construction and Building Industry

The construction industry has greatly benefited from the integration of drones. Aerial images and videos captured by drones expedite decision-making processes for project management and land planning. Drones are used for surveying construction sites and providing real-time data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They aid in planning and designing buildings, utilities, roads and other infrastructure projects. With cost-effective software like DroneDeploy and DJI Terra, commercial drone operators can create 3D models that showcase construction progress in real time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, drones were important in surveying construction sites remotely, allowing project managers to access real-time data without leaving their locations.

Surveying and Aerial Mapping

The drone industry has revolutionised surveying and aerial mapping. Using advanced GPS systems and GCPs (ground control points), drones can quickly gather data and create detailed maps through photogrammetry. This eliminates the need for manned aircraft or outdated mapping methods like Google Street View. Drones offer a safe alternative for conducting surveys with high accuracy and detailed aerial imagery. Commercial operators can measure volume and area, georeference blocks of land, and provide updated bird’s-eye views. Drones have proven invaluable for surveying mining sites, estimating stockpiles and mapping terrains.

Law Enforcement, Security and Surveillance

Drone applications extend to even law enforcement, security and surveillance. Police departments, fire services and emergency responders use drones for various tasks. Tasks such as accident management, search and rescue missions and even dropping defibrillators for CPR patients. Newer drones now boast night vision capabilities, enabling effective operations even in complete darkness. In NSW, Australia, drones are used by lifeguards to monitor for sharks near popular swimming spots, providing early detection and alerts. Drones enhance security measures during major events by offering aerial views of crowds and assisting in border security.

Drone Applications for Commercial Drone Success

If you thinking about becoming a successful commercial drone pilot or running a drone business then explore these five key drone applications. Drone inspections, monitoring and management, building and construction, surveying and aerial mapping, as well as law enforcement and security initiatives, offer immense potential for the drone industry. By using these applications, you can unlock new opportunities and propel and elevate your drone business to new heights.

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