Bendigo Aerial Launches Educational Resources for Safe Drone Handling Among Children: “Drone Safety Song for Kids” and “Drone Adventure” children’s book.

Introducing Educational Resources for Children: “Drone Safety Song for Kids” and “Drone Adventure Book”

Bendigo Aerial, a commercial drone operator known for providing aerial imagery, aerial videos, post-production and real-estate photography services, has just announced the release of two educational resources for children under the age of ten. The first is a catchy and informative song called “Drone Safety Song for Kids“. The second is a fun and educational rhyming book titled “Drone Adventure.” The book is also available as an audiobook. Both were written by Chris Mather, the Chief Remote Pilot at Bendigo Aerial.

Recognition and Nominations for Educational Excellence

Both the Drone Safety Song for Kids and Drone Adventure book were nominated for multiple education and safety awards in the aviation and drone industry. The song is available for free on all streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon and Apple Music. Moreover, we are excited to share that Bendigo Aerial has been nominated for the “Remotely Piloted Aircraft Business of the Year 2023” award at the Australian Aviation Awards.

Australian Aviation Awards - Remote Pilot

Fostering a Culture of Drone Safety for Children

Bendigo Aerial is the first in the world to provide a song and book promoting drone safety for children. These two products aim to educate and advocate for the safe handling of drones, as more young children are getting interested in and involved with drones. Mather said, “I wrote this song to introduce basic drone safety rules in a catchy and fun tune so young kids can learn drone safety. As more junior pilots get into the sky, learning simple rules helps to form a solid foundation for their future flights in the sky”.

Resources for Schools, Teachers and Parents

Resource for parents who own drones, enabling them to read and discuss drone safety with their children.

A Valuable Educational Resource for Parents and Teachers

The Drone Adventure book serves as a resource for parents who own drones, enabling them to read and discuss drone safety with their children. Furthermore, the book can be effectively incorporated into school curricula, allowing teachers to introduce this new and exciting activity while emphasizing the importance of drone safety. By engaging children with the fundamentals of drone safety and introducing them to the rules and regulations at a young age, Bendigo Aerial aims to foster a culture of responsible drone use and inspire a new generation of technology enthusiasts.

Where to Find More Information and Stay Updated

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