Elmore is a small town in Central Victoria, Australia with a lot of history. It was first settled by Europeans in the 1840s and officially became a town in the 1850s. It was named after Elmore Estate. The gold rush of the 1850s brought many people to the area and helped make Elmore and the surrounding towns grow and become prosperous.

Elmore is located in the Loddon Shire and is halfway between Bendigo and Echuca, and 200 km northwest of Melbourne. It has about 1000 residents. One fun attraction in Elmore is the Rural Discovery Centre – Campaspe Run. It is a great way to learn about the history of farming in the area through interactive displays and exhibits.

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Elmore Miniature Railway

Another popular attraction is the Elmore Miniature Railway. It first opened to the public in 2001 and is a 1km journey through gardens and bushland, with four bridge crossings. The ride takes about 7-8 minutes and is open on at least two Saturdays each month, and more days during school holidays.

Elmore also has several cute cafes and pubs with good food and drinks. The Elmore Bakery is a must-visit spot for freshly baked pastries. The local cafes and pubs also offer a variety of meals and drinks. They’re perfect for taking a break while travelling between Bendigo, Rochester, and Echuca.

Fields Days in Elmore Victoria

Every first week of October, Elmore hosts one of Australia’s oldest and largest agricultural shows. The event features farming machinery and equipment, as well as demonstrations and competitions. It’s a big event, with over 40,000 visitors coming to Elmore for the Field Days. It started in 1964 and has a permanent site now called the Elmore Events Centre, which has pavilions, conference rooms, and catering facilities that can be rented.

Historic Landmarks

Elmore also has several historic landmarks like the Elmore Memorial Hall and the Athenaeum Hall. These buildings were built in the late 1800s and were originally used as a school and a library. Now, they are community centres and are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register. These landmarks are a reminder of Elmore’s rich history and are an important part of Elmore’s culture.

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All in all, Elmore is a charming town with a lot to offer. From learning about its history at the Rural Discovery Centre to enjoying a train ride at the Miniature Railway, there’s something for everyone in Elmore. Please contact us if you require further information and please consider liking and following our Youtube channel for more videos like this.