Virtual Aerial Travel

Virtual aerial travel using drones in Central Victoria offers a unique way to explore the region’s historic towns. Drones equipped with cameras allow for breathtaking aerial footage of the area’s picturesque landscapes and charming architecture. It is a perfect way for tourists to experience the beauty of Central Victoria without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

360 Photography – Creating Engaging Visual 360 Content

Explore the world of 360 photography with Bendigo Aerial. Capture stunning images from every angle and immerse your customers in an interactive visual experience. From picturesque landscapes to showcasing your business, our 360 photography services are tailored to meet your needs.

Exploring Elmore Victoria – Small Town with a Big History

Explore the rich history of Elmore, Victoria: from gold rush prosperity to charming cafes, railway rides and the annual field days. A must-visit destination in Central Victoria.

Maldon Victoria – Discover this Historic Town

Maldon, Victoria. Established in 1853, this small Central Victorian town is also known as “Australia’s first notable town and is notable for its 19th-century appearance, maintained since its old gold-rush days.

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