If you’re in the video production industry, then you’ll want to pay attention to Pictory.ai, a cutting-edge AI video editing software that is revolutionising the way videos are being produced. With its ability to analyse and edit videos in real time, Pictory saves time and resources while also increasing the quality of the final produced video.

Unique Features of Pictory Video Editor

You Can Edit Videos – Just by Using Text!

Pictory is simple to use and allows you to edit videos using text for fast results, even long videos can be edited in just minutes. Its powerful AI software matches text and words with videos from a huge collection of stock videos.

Summarise Long Videos

Pictory.ai is perfect for editing webinars, podcasts and Zoom recordings. Even long videos can be edited in just minutes with the help of its powerful AI. You can shorten long videos by summarising key points, turn long-form content into shorts and create powerfully engaging content automatically.

Pictory Script to video – Perfect for YouTube and Social Media Creators

Pictory.ai is the perfect tool for YouTubers, Marketers and Course Creators who want to save time and create professional quality videos in just minutes with the help of its simple to use, powerful A.I technology. It offers over 3 million video clips, crystal clear narration and the ability to work with any computer, and runs in the cloud. (No Software Download).

Pictory Converts Blog Posts into Video

Pictory is perfect for personal bloggers and companies looking to increase engagement by turning blog posts into videos. It also allows adding speech from your own voice or using realistic A.I. voices.

Automatically Caption and Transcribe Videos

With Pictory.ai, you can extend your reach by adding captions to your videos, which will attract more viewers and increase accessibility by creating inclusive content. It also helps to boost SEO and Rankings with Google & YouTube.

5 Key Points about Pictory

  • Saves time and resources by automating tedious tasks
  • Improves the quality of the final video
  • Analyses and understands the content of a video
  • Can be used to create dynamic and engaging video content for social media
  • Can be used to create personalised video content such as customised movie trailers or product advertisements

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Pictory AI Video Creation. Edit videos using text, create video highlights.

Pictory.ai is a powerful and versatile AI video editing software that offers a wide range of benefits for users. The ability to edit videos using text, create video highlights, and auto-summarise long videos make it easy to navigate and watch. Additionally, the ability to convert the script to video, blog post to video, auto caption and transcribe videos makes it easy to create and distribute video content. With these features, Pictory.ai is a valuable tool for video production professionals to create engaging and accessible video content.

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