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Articles Written By: Chris Mather - Chief Remote Pilot #BendigoAerial

RPA/UAV Resources, News, Articles and Tutorials

Drone News

Australian Drone Laws for Recreational Drone Flyers

Learn more about Australian drone laws for recreational and hobby flyers. We also list and answer some drone regulations that you may not know.

Did You Know Parks Victoria Prohibit all RPAS/Drones within Parks Victoria Managed Land?

RPAS or Drones are prohibited in all Parks Victoria Managed land for recreational use. Check out some of the questions asked at Bendigo Aerial.

Bendigo Aerial | Commercial Drone Operator | Review

Review of the past 1 Year as a commercial drone operator in Central Victoria - Bendigo. Watch the 2018 drone showreel on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Drone Tutorials

10 Drone Tips to Know Before Your First Flight

Ready to fly your new drone? 10 drone tips to know before your first flight. Tips from a commercial drone operator for all new drone pilots.

Best Mavic Pro Photo and Video Settings

What are the BEST photo and video settings for Mavic Pro? As a drone pilot, this is a question I get emailed on a regular basis. My settings explained.

Connecting DJI Driver to Windows 10 and NAZA-M V2 Software

How to install the DJI Driver on Windows 10 so that Naza-M V2 software will recognise the USB driver for the DJI Phantom drone.